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At Church of the Intercessor, you will find people from all backgrounds and experiences, whose desire is to know God's love and forgiveness in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are an apostolic community that values the acceptance of people into the family of God. We believe that if one encounters the love of God then the purposes of God will be released in their lives. We are an active relational community. We acknowledge that everyone has both needs and a calling and is highly valued as a member of the Body of Christ. Therefore, we have various ministries in which you can find both a place to serve and also receive ministry.We know that God is working His transforming and healing power in us, even as we love and serve each other. Since those who have been forgiven much will love much, we welcome all who need and want help.


Sundays: 8am, 9:30am and 11:30am

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Kingdom of God Campaign


The Kingdom of God campaign is the promotion of God’s people prioritizing the things of God over the things of man and this world.  To do so, man must be equipped and engaged to do so: in prayer, discipleship, relational evangelism, and service to God, His people, His purposes and ways.

Therefore, a re-emphasis is being placed on (1) individual, small group and corporate prayer  (2) the study and application of God’s Word  (3)  the sharing of the gospel, sometimes in words, and (4) attention to the worship of God.

Prayer is where it all begins, every day. Apart from Him, we can do nothing, nor should we want to.  If you do not already, begin to seek the Lord every morning at the start of the day, and pray throughout the day, for your needs and those of others.  God awaits our communication. Find a way and time to pray weekly with other Christians, in a home group or at the church.

prayer-walk3There is power in unified agreement in the Lord. Consider prayer-walking around your neighborhood, taking spiritual dominion.   “Every place where you set your foot, will I give you.”  It’s easy, just pray blessings and quote God’s Word while you walk.

Bibles study, memorization and daily application, is what keeps us in God’s will.  Jesus said, that if we abide in His Word, then we are truly His disciples.  If you are not attending a discipleship class at church, then you are encouraged to join a small home group for bible study, prayer, and all important fellowship. We have added and updated our list of church-based classes, to help guide your growth in the Lord as we follow Him.

We are filled with the Holy Spirit in order to be Christ’s witnesses in the world, but faith, hope and the love of God are best shared and the truth of the Gospel demonstrated, when we cooperate with the working of the Spirit, who also requires our attention, submission, and obedience, since it is really God’s work we are participating in. God desires all people to be saved, and incredibly, wants and plans to use us to accomplish that.

We encourage you to “make every effort” to participate in what God is doing among and through us, for the sake of the gospel and the glory of our God.

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