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At Church of the Intercessor, you will find people from all backgrounds and experiences, whose desire is to know God's love and forgiveness in His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ. We are an apostolic community that values the acceptance of people into the family of God. We believe that if one encounters the love of God then the purposes of God will be released in their lives. We are an active relational community. We acknowledge that everyone has both needs and a calling and is highly valued as a member of the Body of Christ. Therefore, we have various ministries in which you can find both a place to serve and also receive ministry.We know that God is working His transforming and healing power in us, even as we love and serve each other. Since those who have been forgiven much will love much, we welcome all who need and want help.


Sundays: 8am, 9:30am and 11:30am

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Phone: 516-599-3780

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Letter from Bishop Craig

Welcome to the Cathedral Church of the Intercessor.  We are a diverse community of people committed to forging a future for the next generation.    Hence, we are committed to an intergenerational ministry that is building strong Christian men and women, who will build strong families, that will build a strong church that will impact and reach the culture around us with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

When you come and worship with us, you will first find a welcoming community. They will be excited that you have decided to be with us on a Sunday morning or at a Church event.  You will find children, singles, young adults, married couples, and seniors.  Each person is there because they have a desire to worship God and to follow Christ.

The command to love one another is a guiding principle in everything we teach and do.  You will notice people greeting one another and you too will be greeted with a handshake.  People will want to meet you.  You can even find yourself be invited for a cup of coffee and a conversation.

You will also discover we have a unique style of worship that is found in the Bible and throughout the Churches history.  Our worship is liturgical and sacramental.  The Eucharist is the center of our worship.  We are charismatic and our music is dynamic and helps us focus on God.  We believe and know that God continues to minister to people in a supernatural way.  And, we are evangelical.  Our preaching and teaching are Biblical and call us to make a response in our lives.

We are also an international ministry and have oversight of over 2,500 churches around the world.

I hope you consider coming to Intercessor at one of our Sunday morning services.  Stop by our guest table and get a free gift.  Make sure you introduce yourself to me as I really do want to meet you.

God bless you.

Bishop signature

Bp. Craig W. Bates – Senior Pastor


If you attend our service you might find our worship similar in some ways and different in others, than a church you may already know. Although there are many expressions of Christ’s one Church, they mostly fall into one of three major categories — or streams, of worship:

Sacramental: Emphasis on the Sacraments of the Church
Evangelical: Emphasis on the Bible
Charismatic: Emphasis on the Spirit

At Intercessor we reunite these three streams of worship into one mighty river of life. Our worship is historic and contemporary, holy and joyful, biblical and Spirit-filled. Why not visit and let us know what you think!

When you arrive, you will find a church home that is friendly and welcoming, vibrant and full of life. Please come and join us one Sunday!

  • That the Holy Scriptures are the final authority on all matters of faith, doctrine and practice. Where Scripture does not speak clearly, we defer to Apostolic tradition.
  • That the historic creeds of the undivided Church provide a clear and indisputable summary of the Christian faith.
  • That we are saved by grace, through faith in the atoning work of Jesus Christ.
  • That the Sacraments of the Church impart the grace of God.
  • That the Holy Spirit is at work today through spiritual gifts and signs given to the Church.

The Church of the Intercessor is a Church empowered by Christ to forge our future and win the culture with the Gospel.

We are first and foremost a worshipping community gathering together around the Lord’s Table on Sundays to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, hear God’s Word, and give our Lord exuberant Praise.

By building an Acts 2:42-47 community we will:

  1. Build strong families by building strong men and women.
  2. Build a strong Youth Program including Sunday School, Youth Ministry, 20’s Ministry and a Full Time Christian School
  3. Open a Family Life Center
  4. Build a strong ministry to those with Life Controlling Problems.
  5. Build a strong Discipleship Program for all members.
  6. Build a 500-seat Church and Campus.
  7. Raise up Leaders that can engage the culture.
  8. Raise up each household within the community to be a Household of Prayer.

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