Our Mission

The Church of the Intercessor is a Church empowered by Christ to forge our future and win the culture with the Gospel.

We are first and foremost a worshipping community gathering together around the Lord’s Table on Sundays to celebrate the Holy Eucharist, hear God’s Word, and give our Lord exuberant Praise.

By building an Acts 2:42-47 community we will:

  1. Build strong families by building strong men and women.
  2. Build a strong Youth Program including Sunday School, Youth Ministry, 20’s Ministry and a Full Time Christian School
  3. Open a Family Life Center
  4. Build a strong ministry to those with Life Controlling Problems.
  5. Build a strong Discipleship Program for all members.
  6. Build a 500-seat Church and Campus.
  7. Raise up Leaders that can engage the culture.
  8. Raise up each household within the community to be a Household of Prayer.

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