Boy’s Brigade

Boy’s Brigade provides an opportunity for Christian men to spend time with and mentor boys in grades 1-6. There are three Brigade programs for boys: TREE CLIMBERS for ages 6-7/Grades 1-2, STOCKADE for ages 8-11/Grades 3-6, and BATTALION for ages 12-18/Grades 7-12. Thursday meeting times are 6-7:30pm for the 6-11 year olds, and 7:30-9pm for the 12-18 year olds.  Along with fun and games, boys participate in activities that involve exciting growth experiences: physically, mentally, socially and spiritually.

As Christian men, Boy’s Brigad leaders are trying to:

– Guide boys to the Lord
– Guide boys to the Word of God
– Guide boys to Christian maturity
– Guide boys to the local church

The Weekly Meeting

The weekly meeting is a time of games, stories, achievements and a regular challenge from the Word of God.

Email Pete Mura by clicking his name for more information.


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